MMG MFG. founder Megan Gramlow was raised in Fargo, North Dakota where she cut her teeth on fierce independence and a clutter of untamed creativity.  She spent her time trying out new mediums, dreaming and making new out of old.  Her family was comprised of decades of farmers, do-it-yourselfers and frontiers people, bringing home the season's kill.  While she refused to participate in hunting excursions, she was privy to the ways her family would process animals, including using or selling the hides. However, the world of leather maintained its mysterious air for many years to come.    

Megan began trying her hand at leather goods while in design school.  Though design school was short lived, her leather working experiments continued.  While studying in Copenhagen, she began to develop a love for the sleek, minimalist approach to design Nordic countries nurture.  She realized a deep desire to move into making functional items for everyday use.  After she moved to Northern Minnesota, she began to study shoe makers, and new ideas blossomed.  For Megan, creating leather goods offers a new adventure in life, a reason to explore new skills and continue her life-long dream of learning to work proficiently in as many mediums as possible.  Creating every item is a special process that requires her to live presently within every moment the leather touches her hands.  Every item is handcrafted and hand-stitched, truly living up to the label "slow fashion."  

Modern Chic with a Minimalist Approach


Megan continues to learn as she goes, always making new discoveries about her materials as well as herself.  She is, like so many others, continually striving between a balance of creativity, practicality and sustainability.  Her leather goods are inspired by a quiet directness, with which she strives to live by.  

We invite you to be a part of this journey @megan.m.gramlow