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Altran, a global leader in high-tech engineering and consulting, was retained by ABB, to support the development of intelligent transformers. ABB, a global leader in power and distribution transformers, wanted to leverage digitalization and improve their comprehensive asset management. They also needed to find a way to enhance the reliability of their existing transformers while optimizing costs and development. So they turn to Momentum Manufacturing Group for help. 

This led to multiple meetings, site visits, and a thorough audit of Momentum's facilities, lean manufacturing practices, and assembly capabilities. Altran and ABB were impressed with Momentum's comprehensive solutions and felt reassured to learn that Momentum's had worked with its top five customers for 25 - 30 years or more. This was important to the audit team as they acknowledged as large global companies they had broad supplier networks around the world, but only a select few were "real partners." Momentum was promptly approved as a supplier and discussions moved to how to activate the production of large volumes of up to 20,000 units. ​

Momentum Manufacturing Group's Response

After an initial review of the scope and designs, the engineering team at Momentum collaborated with Altran and ABB's design teams for nearly a year contributing over 500 hours of engineering support to optimize the manufacturability of their design for the new intelligent transformer. HR at Momentum recruited, hired, and trained a team of 15 new employees to work in a 5,000 sq. ft. dedicated work cell. To support the project, Momentum also invested $1,255,000 in new capital equipment. 


Momentum successfully fabricated, precision machined, powder-coated, and assembled all of the new TXpert™ intelligent transformers on schedule.  Each unit included over 100 SKU's. Momentum performed software functional testing and burn-in on 100% of each item manufactured as well as component part serial tracking.  All performance tolerances and budget requirements established in the project charter were achieved. Ultimately ABB decided against launching the transformer, but the successful collaboration has lead to ongoing efforts and continued partnership in the future.

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