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 Momentum Manufacturing Group is the result of a focused effort to build a comprehensive set of end-to-end metalwork and manufacturing services. A response to market demands for greater efficiency in their supply chain partners.


Leveraging nearly 40 years of expertise, Momentum brings both simplicity and efficiency to your metal manufacturing challenges. From prototype review and value engineering in the early stages of design.  To small batch or mass production of a part or integrated sub-assembly of parts. All the way through to the complete assembly of a finished good, quality-tested, professionally packaged, and ready to ship or sell. 

Momentum has the skills and experience to get it done right. Bring us your metalwork and manufacturing challenges, and we’ll collaborate to find the right solution. 

 Because Together, We Build Momentum. 

Three Key Factors to Momentum's Growth

Throughout our nearly 40 year history, three common threads have enabled us to sustain, survive, and thrive. Our founder Neil S. Austin focused firmly on people. Putting trust in our associates and building lasting relationships with our customers. Following Mr. Austin's retirement in 2007, the second factor had already started, but it was accelerated by new owners who believed strongly in continual investment in technology. The philosophy has lead to the acquisition of New Hampshire Precision Fabricators, KC Precision, Metal Tronics and Vitex Extrusions, and a capital investment in new equipment of over $50 million in all this in the past seven years. These investments put us on a clear path of growth, stability, and diversification in both our capabilities and the industries we served.

The final factor has been foundational and the fiber that bound us together to build the momentum we are achieving today. This factor is the sense of place and community. We have a northeastern sense of independence and work ethic that has helped us to persevere through the Dot.com bust, the Great Recession, and the ups and downs of our trusted customers. Our sense of place keeps us grounded; it keeps us focused and reminds us all that when each day ends, the place you call home and the community you stroll through are the essence of the purpose in our effort.

Today these four business units are now unified and operate under the umbrella of Momentum Manufacturing Group:

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Our associates and our customers

Investing in Growth 

Technology and Diversification

Community & Place

Firmly rooted in the goodness of where we call home


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