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70,000+ Finished Goods Shipped Annually

Momentum Manufacturing Group provides comprehensive value-added solutions, including assembly, kitting, and sourcing services. We support a variety of applications from sophisticated electronics, to food grade fryers or simple lawn & garden carts. We collaborate to understand your specifications and then develop customized and often proprietary assembly lines to provide the right answer.

We utilize a single piece flow process in a controlled environment supported by Kanban systems. Momentum produces 20,000 million unique parts annually and provides extensive quality testing for our customers. We have nearly 40 years of experience building sub-assemblies and finished goods.

We are continually investing in new technologies and incorporate visual imaging on our assembly lines. These show step-by-step instructions on overhead monitors. These visual tools enable our skilled workforce to build complex assemblies, with numerous variations and minor deviations.

Our customized and proprietary assembly lines include final pack and ship for dock-to-stock or direct to end-user supply chain programs.

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Our Assembly, Kitting,

Packaging and 

Shipping Capabilities

Offering value added services at competitive rates has built longstanding customer relationships. Many of our customers have benefitted from the integration of our kitting, assembly, packaging, and shipping services for over 30 years. We can helped streamline your supply chain operations by assuming partial or complete manufacturing responsibilities for specific components or product lines.

After kitting or assembly we can package your product meeting all your unique requirements. We can ship directly to your distributors, support dock-to-stock programs and even ship direct to your end customer.

Capabilities include:

  • Custom, mechanical assembly line systems.

  • Single, multi-level and configurable bill-of-materials (BOM) assemblies.

  • Customized kitting and component packaging.

  • Kanban programs.

  • Third party supply chain logistical management.

  • Regional, national and international delivery.


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