Building Products

Support and Design Aligned with the Rapid Pace of Construction

Broad Base of Metal Capabilities = Less Friction and Greater Agility

Momentum can help you meet the demanding performance  specifications required in the building products industry. Capable of a metal fabrication, aluminum extrusion,  

precision machining and even assembly or sub-assembly production and shipping support.


Our capabilities and experience in aluminum extrusion expand your possibilities for design freedom, efficiency, and collaboration. Unlike many other metals, aluminum can be extruded into elaborate designs and manufactured to meet stringent building product specifications. Its dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality make it an ideal choice for many residential and commercial building products.

Extensive Experience in Custom Applications

Among others, we design and fabricate aluminum extrusions for railings, curtain walls, doors and windows, atriums and greenhouses, skylights, ramps, balconies, and roofing systems. Whether you’re entering the market with a new product, or in need of a new partner to manufacturer and supply your existing components.


We can help: 

  • Fine-tune designs to achieve optimal cost and performance requirements

  • Select the best alloy and temper to meet all requirements

  • Determine the most cost-effective fabrication techniques and tolerance requirements

  • Decrease costs thru efficient single-source design assistance, manufacturing, fabrication, machining and assembly.

  • Reduce their overhead with custom assembly, and supply programs


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