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Our Capabilities

After nearly 40 years in business, we've joined elite company status as one of the top 10 metal manufacturers in the US, offering comprehensive metalwork and manufacturing capabilities. Momentum can support you from prototype thru production or with the all the services you might need ala-carte in-between.

We use a collaborative approach from prototype through  production. Our team of 20 engineers at times can help our customers achieve 15 -20% cost savings while improving quality and manufacturing efficiency.


Utilizing the latest equipment and technology we can run 24/7 Lights-out to laser cut, punch, bend, weld, and form. READ MORE

We run the highest throughput extrusion press in North America. We can produce tighter dimensional tolerances, consistent quality, and better finished products with even the most complex extruded shapes. Our secondary operations  of fabrication and machining provide our customers with additional value-added services, READ MORE


Across our operations, we have over 100 CNC machines consisting of lathes, mills, swiss screw machines, and multi-op lathes, in 3 facilities totaling over 100,000 sq. ft. READ MORE


We have the largest finishing capability in the Northeast. From powder coating, to anodization, plating, wet coat or silk screening and thermal imaging, we've got you covered.



We produce, assemble, quality test, package, and ship over 70,000 contract manufactured items annually for our clients.



We have a comprehensive and extensive set of manual welding capabilities and 7 robotic welding stations. READ MORE


Lead-Lining of components used to contain high radiation levels for medical and security scanning systems. READ MORE

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