Our Capabilities in Motion

Shaping Metal and Manufacturing To Accelerate Your Supply Chain

Momentum Manufacturing Group's Video Library

You want to see our solutions in motion; we get it, motion/momentum is in our name. Take a few minutes to look through our video library to see some of our capabilities from fabrication, precision machining, finishing, extrusion, and assembly. Use this second to peek behind the curtain for a look at Momentum, and when you're ready to move forward, give us a call so we can schedule a visit at your place or ours and talk about building momentum together. 
Complete End to End Solutions from Engineering, Fabrication, Precision Machining and Extrusion to Custom Manufacturing  

For nearly 40 years we have been providing comprehensive manufacturing solutions for our customer partners in a wide range of industry sectors. 

From Engineering and
Metal Fabrication through  Assembly and Shipping.

Empowering the developer of the world's most productive

hydroponic shipping container farms to meet increased demand for their farms, while also optimizing cost and supply chain efficiency. Momentums full suite of engineering, fabrication and assembly solutions.

End to End Supply Chain Agility and Metal 
 Manufacturing Solution

Meeting  a long term customer and leading commercial restaurant equipment supplier's demand to more than double our production. See us turn sheet metal into a fully assembled and ready to ship commercial fryer. We do it over 40,000 times a year for this customer. This video highlights our Groveton, NH operation.

Automation, Laser Tube Cutting,  24/7 Lights Out Robotic Bending 

Momentum has invested over $50 million in capital equipment over the past 7 years. This video highlights just some of our robotic bending and laser tube cutting capabilities to enable us to provide the most efficient metal fabrication in the northeast. This video highlights our Lyndonville, VT operation. The investments have allowed us to remain competitive in tight labor markets while improving our overall metal manufacturing efficiency.

Assembly / Supply Chain and Manufacturing Solutions

Momentum has made focused investments to extend its capabilities to meet the market's increased demand for greater efficiency within its supply chain. From sophisticated electronics and food-grade fryers to simple lawn and garden carts, Momentum has provided contract manufacturing solutions to clients in a broad range of industries. Utilizing a single-piece flow process and supported by Kanban systems, Momentum ships over 70,000 finished goods annually.

Automated Fabrication Operations in
St. Johnsbury, VT

Significant upgrades to our fabrication capabilities were made at our St. Johnsbury, VT location.  Enhancing our support of an industry-leading fitness equipment manufacture with a mass-production scale. This video highlights our combo automatic punch and laser technology, with an unmanned robotic sheet feeding system and robotic welding cells. All of these investments increased throughput and efficiency to keep up with growing metal manufacturing demand.

Automated Precision Machining in Lyndonville, VT

Substantial investments over the past few years on facilities and 5 new pieces of equipment to automate our precision machining operation in Lyndonville, VT have allowed us to improve our workflow while nearly doubling our through-put. The new robotic equipment also allows us to run 24/7 Lights Out without human intervention.

Precision Machining Operations in Ipswich, MA

Investments of $800,000 in new capital precision machining equipment upgrades have helped to improve our throughput and overall efficiency. We service a wide variety of clients from this 20,000 sq. ft. facility with a lean operation and over 75 years of combined engineering expertise in our in-house team 

Laser Cutting
Aluminum Extrusions 

Laser cutting machines have replaced multi-step operations allowing cutting, machining, drilling, and punching in a single operation. Laser cutting dramatically increases throughput and efficiency in aluminum extrusion machining. The acquisition of Vitex Extrusions by Momentum Manufacturing Group in 2019, allows our aluminum extrusion customers to capitalized and the full benefits of Momentum's fabricating and machine expertise and investment.

Powder Coating

Momentum has the largest and most efficient powder coating line in the Northeast. We are continuing to invest in expanding of our finishing operations to meet the ever-increasing demand for short turnaround times.


Our powder coating line is fully automated, capable of taking parts up to 8’x4’x2’. To handle low volume runs, we also offer a small batch manual line for quick turnaround.  We operate 90 hours/week and can process between 10,000 - 20,000 parts per day.