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30 Years of Supporting One of the Industry's Largest Fitness Equipment Suppliers

Consistency is in our blood and just a part of what our long-standing customers have come to expect from Momentum Manufacturing Group. We have been a trusted partner for over 30 years with one of the fitness industry's largest global equipment providers. We have stood by them every step of the way, expanding our operation and ensuring we were always one step ahead of their needs.

Keeping both our bottom lines healthy and fit is a key priority when you partner with Momentum. If you need help machining or making a gear, fabricating or welding  a frame, powder coating or screen printing a piece, or someone capable of putting it all together. We have a proven track record.   

With 8 locations and over 550,000+ sq. ft. of manufacturing space in the Northeast, we can be a hub in your supply chain to the world. So if you need support with a new product or supply chain partner to accelerate the momentum you've already built.


We can help: 

  • Fine-tune designs to achieve optimal cost and performance requirements

  • Select the best alloy and temper to meet all requirements

  • Determine the most cost-effective fabrication techniques and tolerance requirements

  • Decrease costs thru efficient single-source design assistance, manufacturing, fabrication, machining and assembly.

  • Reduce their overhead with custom assembly, and supply programs



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