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Cooking Up Customer Success for Nearly 40 Years

End to End Metal Manufacturing is

A Recipe for Success

When one of the world's largest commercial frying company's asked if we could double our production capacity for one of their most important product lines, we got to work on the ingredients. We bought a building, purchased $5 million in capital equipment, hired, and trained 150 skilled team members. Then we were ready to charge the hill. Three years later, we are still shipping nearly 70,000 finished goods for them, often direct to their end customer.

That's what we call a recipe for success, a partner who sees the value in leveraging efficiency in outsourcing their supply chain to a proven supplier. That's just one example of how we have stepped to the plate for major brands in the foodservice equipment industry. 

From engineering, fabrication, precision machining, finishing, or full end-to-end assembly and supply chain management, we know how to handle food-grade materials. Most importantly we understand the value of exceptional customer service, consistent quality, and, of course, a healthy dash of speed. 

With 8 locations and over 550,000+ sq. ft. of manufacturing space in the Northeast, we can be a hub in your supply chain to the world. So if you need support with a new product or supply chain partner to accelerate the momentum you've already built.


We can help: 

  • Fine-tune designs to achieve optimal cost and performance requirements

  • Select the best alloy and temper to meet all requirements

  • Determine the most cost-effective fabrication techniques and tolerance requirements

  • Decrease costs thru efficient single source-design assistance, manufacturing, fabrication, machining and assembly.

  • Reduce their overhead with custom assembly, and supply programs



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