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Driving Supply Efficiency and Cost Optimization

Driving Efficiency Through an End-to-End Engineering,  Metal Fabrication, Assembly and Shipping Solution


Freight Farms, developers of the world's most productive hydroponic shipping container farm, saw an increase in demand and, at the same time, witnessed the entry of new competitors. To support their growth, they were looking for ways to drive greater efficiency and cost optimization in their production to remain competitive in the marketplace.  After three years of collaboration with Momentum Manufacturing Group's engineering team, they approached Momentum not only to provide the metal fabrication but a complete set of comprehensive supply chain solutions for their product.

Momentum Manufacturing Group's Response

Momentum started by establishing a dedicated management resource team to support the new effort, encompassing Project Management, Engineering, Continuous Improvement, and Production. We customized one of our Vermont facilities to assemble Freight Farm's containers exclusively. The facility customization allows for 6 forty-foot containers to be in production at any one time. Through collaboration with Freight Farms, Momentum’s Continuous Improvement Team developed a set of detailed assembly instructions to maximize assembly efficiency. The documentation and assembly process is extremely beneficial in the identification of previously undetected errors and or flaws. Momentum also developed an inventory management system for the 300 plus SKUs supplied by Freight Farms. Kanbans were established for the 130 plus fabricated sheet metal components built by Momentum. Dedicated welding cells were installed on the assembly floor to streamline efficiency in the process further.


Freight Farms has provided high praise for Momentum Manufacturing Group, stating that Momentum has more than exceeded their expectations from onboarding the project to implementation, quality, and production. Freight Farms has aggressive targets for 2021. Through our investments, skilled team, and contract manufacturing process, Momentum is ready to meet Freight Farm’s forecast and is already positioned for an increase in demand.


We are proud to be their partner providing end-to-end solutions, including fabrication, precision machining, assembly, and complete comprehensive supply chain solutions.

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