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Momentum's team understands the importance of durability and utility in the lawn and garden market. We've learned first hand through over 30 years of production, assembly, and distribution of Carts Vermont garden, firewood, and utility carts.

In addition to knowledge gained through the production of Carts Vermont, the team developed patent-protected products marketed under the name Driveway Groomer.™ These are used for leveling gravel driveways, parking areas, campground roads and lots, RV landings, sand beaches, riding rings, and about any loose surface you can drive a vehicle across.

Momentum is willing to get our hands dirty, putting our full set of end-to-end metal manufacturing solutions to work for you. We produce for some of the leading equipment manufacturers in the lawn and garden market. From engineering, fabrication, aluminum extrusionprecision machining, finishing or full end-to-end assembly. We have first-hand experience and will help you build momentum in your business.



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