Lead Fabrication and Assembly

Helping the Medical and Security Industry Keep Our World Safe.

Specialized Fabrication To Protect Your Customers From High Radiation 

20 Years of Safety and Specialized Lead Fabrication

Safety is a top priority at Momentum Manufacturing Group. We have designed industry-leading protocols in material handling and management processes to ensure we keep our people safe while serving customers who are in business to serve others. 


In response to the terrorists attack on September 11, 2001, one of our clients was tasked by the government to ramp up the production of bomb scanners as quickly as possible, and they turned to us for help. Collaborating closely, our teams leveraged our knowledge of metal fabrication to develop a unique approach. Over the past 20 years, we have refined the process we use today. We currently serve customers in high radiation applications in the security and medical sciences field.

Our lead fabrication process creates highly accurate feature alignment with sheet-metal components. We have developed proprietary methods in fabrication and material bonding, which have proven to be a 100% successful in radiation testing for sealing from radiation leaks. 



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