LED Lighting

Shining a Light Long Lasting Efficiency

Freedom in Design and From Corrosion  

Low Maintenance Long Lasting LED 

As the demand for LED (light‐emitting diode) lighting continues to grow, particularly in applications such as commercial/industrial lighting, horticultural lighting, and marine lighting, Momentum's experience in custom aluminum extrusion stands ready to support its rapid evolution. Extruded aluminum fixture housings serve as both heat sinks and reflectors, providing a corrosion‐free material ideal for challenging environments. Extrusion also offer the ability to incorporate interfaces for lenses, circuit boards, and end‐caps, while allowing the lighting designer to create the shape they desire and “put the metal where it is needed.”

Momentum's experience supporting the LED lighting industry, and comprehensive capabilities make us the ideal partner to help you with your LED lighting fixtures. From engineering and profile design, through fabrication, specialized long part precision machining, finishing, and value-added assembly and supply chain support, we can support your needs.

Whether you’re entering the market with a new product, or looking for a partner to manufacture  and supply your existing fixtures, we help LED lighting manufacturers and product designers:

  • Fine-tune designs to achieve optimal cost and performance requirements

  • Select the best alloy and temper to meet all requirements

  • Determine the most cost-effective fabrication techniques and tolerance requirements

  • Decrease costs thru efficient single-source design assistance, manufacturing, fabrication, machining and assembly.

  • Reduce their overhead with custom assembly, and supply programs

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