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Our 100,000, sq. ft of multi-axis, multi-functional machining centers allow for single set up and single operation cycling. Thus reducing our set-up, run, and handling time, providing superior dimensional accuracy and greater efficiency, which makes our pricing competitive.

While precision machining is just one of our capabilities, we understand that often the smallest part or component can play a critical role in the performance of an end product. We take the word precision to heart, following strict quality and operating procedures to stay within defined tolerances.


Like the rest of our operation, Momentum is making investments in the latest automation technologies, including robotics, to run 24/7 lights out. Freeing up our skilled machinists to keep our operations and our customer's supply chain moving at the speed of business. We have multiple lathes, mills, swiss screw machines, and multi-op lathes. With the ability to machine diameters from .050″ diameter up to 8″ in slug form. We can also mill pieces from the smallest part up to 2″x10″ pieces. The swiss style machines go from 0.125″ to 1.25″ diameters.

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Long Part CNC Machining

Momentum has three unique CNC machines at its Vitex Extrusions operation. Unlike the more common CNC machines, these can precision machine, aluminum profile sections up to 12 feet in length in a single operation, dramatically reducing machining time and costs.


Our newest investment, a KOMO XL Fusion 4 Axis twin spindle CNC machine center, supports longer length parts that require expert precision with work envelopes up to 60” x 144”. Additionally, vacuum integrated pallets eliminate the need to build custom fixtures for every job, and reduce new job set-up times to under 30 minutes. And by using equipment that supports multiple pallet set-ups – rotating plates that support the workpieces – parts can be loaded and machined simultaneously, providing significant time savings to the production process, and lowering the cost for our customers.


Supporting our long parts machining capabilities, we have a custom-built, quad head de-burring center which finishes lengths up to 108” and a Hexagon fully automated coordinate measuring system with X-axis capabilities up to 118”.

If you’re an OEM, systems integrator, or product manufacturer seeking an aluminum extrusion manufacturer who can provide precision machining for long parts, click the button below for a free estimate or profile design review.

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Materials We Precision Machine


Carbon Steel

Hi-T Teflon




High Speed Steel

Polycarbonatepolyethylene / UHMW

Aircraft Alloy

CR Steel

HR steel Quadrant Radel R

PTFE Teflon

Alloy Steels (4140, 4340, 8620)



Stainless Steel


Nickel & Nickel Alloys

Tool Steel






Exotic Metals

Oil Lite Bronze


Aluminum Alloy


Glass Filled PTFE

PEEK® nylon




Phenolics & PVC



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