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Prototype Through Production 

Time to market is critical in today’s highly competitive markets. Our team of 20 engineers will support you every step of the way through your development and manufacturing process. We are among the top 10 metal manufacturers in the US. Very few companies offer such a comprehensive solution beginning with raw material sourcing, planning, and inventory management resulting in a finished product.

Momentum Carries

Providing Turnkey Support that Shortens
Your Time to Market  

We will review your design, identify critical functional requirements, and specific tolerances. Then we’ll design a program to leverage our expertise in all areas supporting you in expedited development all the way to scale mass production. We integrate ideas and action, reducing your cost, your time to market with new products, and at the same time improving overall quality and consistency.

Momentum can carry you from start to finish through our people, our knowledge, and our continued investment in automation technologies.


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Helping Our Client Achieve Forward Momentum

We invested $5 million to meet our client's urgent need to double manufacturing & assembly capacity.


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