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Momentum Manufacturing Group's Quality Process

Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015, a department of defense supplier we are also ITAR Certified. Safety Quality and Sustainability are all fundamental tenets of our corporate culture at Momentum Manufacturing Group.​

Committed to the Highest Quality Assurance Standards

Quality – Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing

Momentum Manufacturing Group’s Quality Management System is Certified to ISO 9001:2015, focusing on the enhancement of customer satisfaction through continual improvement of processes and products. Producing components and finished goods that consistently meet our customers’ form, fit, function, and aesthetic requirements and delivered on time is imperative to our manufacturing business.

Momentum performs 1st Article Inspections, In-process inspections performed by Operators and Quality Technicians, and Final Inspections (as required) to all our products. Utilizing precision measuring equipment such as a CMM, an Oasis, multiple Virtek Laser QC rapid inspection systems which employ lasers to measure the accuracy of two-dimensional parts to tolerances within 0.05mm, along with a multitude of other measuring equipment, Momentum has the capabilities to measure tight tolerance parts and has engaged MSA philosophies preforming GR&R’s on multiple gauges/families.

Our aluminum extrusion quality process capabilities have enhanced with the recent addition of the IM-6225 Image Dimension Measurement System from Keyence. The unit performs hundreds of measurements with a single scan, enabling us to ensure consistent measurement of extruded profiles. What previously took our engineers 30 minutes to perform, can now be conducted in seconds. This time savings allows us to achieve more quality checks throughout the production process. Measurement results are automatically recorded, and immediate feedback on production trends and variations are given to our engineers so they can prevent quality problems before they start.

Let's Talk About How Quality Drives Value for You

Certified ISO9001:2015

Independent validation of our quality standards recognizes that:

  • A set of procedures cover all key processes

  • Monitoring processes are in place to ensure the procedures are effective

  • There is adequate record-keeping

  • Outputs are checked for defects, with appropriate corrective actions where necessary

  • Individual processes and the quality system itself are reviewed regularly for effectiveness

  • There is a commitment to continual improvement. 


Corrective/Preventative Actions: Momentum utilizes a step approach to handling customer returns, with full team involvement:

  • Immediate Containment/Notification

  • Root Cause Identification

  • Short Term and Long Term Corrective Actions

  • Verification of effectiveness of actions

  • Preventative Planning for Future and Like errors.