Solar Power

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Supporting Alternatives to Power

a Brighter Future For Us All 

Non-corrosive and conductive metals are playing an essential role in advancing alternative energy solutions like solar power. Our knowledge of metallurgy, and comprehensive metal manufacturing solutions have put us ahead of the curve in supporting solar industry applications.


We have more than 15 years of experience extruding and fabricating aluminum components for solar industry applications. Momentum is the ideal partner to help you with your solar power system solution.

Whether you’re entering the market with a new mounting or racking solution or in need of a new partner to manufacturer and supply your existing components, Momentum offers the expertise and capabilities you need to power your business to the next level.


We help solar industry manufacturers and product designers:

  • Design for Extrusion (DFE) to fine-tune their component designs to achieve optimal cost and performance requirements

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) to determine most cost-effective fabrication, finishing and assembly techniques

  • Decrease costs by providing both extrusion, manufacturing, assembly, and supply chain support under one roof


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