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One of the world's largest manufacturers of commercial frying equipment was faced with a challenge. Demand for their economy line of fryers was continually exceeding their supply chain capacity. They were concerned increasing demand coupled with supply chain limitations would erode their long term relationships with global restaurant chains. So they approached Momentum Manufacturing Group and asked if we could double our production capacity.


Momentum Manufacturing Group's Response

Recognizing our customer's challenge, our management team sprung into action. In short order, we had collaborated with their leadership team to clarify their requirements, and then we proceeded to commit the necessary resources to meet the demand. We quickly identified property and bought a building to increase our capacity for our Groveton, New Hampshire operation. To ensure we could meet production needs both short term and long term, we purchased $5 million in capital equipment with automation to support growth and optimize efficiency.  Hiring and retaining talent is also a critical success factor for Momentum. Our staff recruited, interviewed, hired, and trained 150 skilled team members. From equipment operators and forklift drivers, to passionate and skilled assembly and packaging associates, we built a team with a positive attitude and commitment to respond to our customer's call for help.


Three years later, we are still working side by side with our client. We helped them to match their supply chain capacity to their market demand. Today we are shipping 40,000+ economy fryers annually, often direct to their end customer.

We are proud to be their partner providing end-to-end solutions, including fabrication, precision machining, finishing, assembly, packaging, and shipping solutions. 

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