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Supply Chain Solutions

Bring us your innovation and design, and we can do the rest. We know how to optimize your efforts from fabricating your parts or components all the way through assembly. Our proven systems improve efficiency in your supply chain. Momentum has over 30 years of experience providing solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. 

Build Momentum with Lean Assembly and Quality Inspection thru Shipment

70,000+ Finished Goods Shipped Annually

From sophisticated electronics and food-grade fryers to simple lawn and garden carts, our team can improve the agility in your supply chain. Using your designs, we can fabricate, extrude, machine, and even finish your individual parts and components. Our team can then provide complete assembly, inventory management, and shipping solutions with the parts we manufacture or source for you and other materials or packaging you provide.

Utilizing a single-piece flow process, our CI and Engineering teams have designed numerous custom assembly lines and supported by Kanban systems, our assembly team ships over 70,000 finished goods annually.

Visual aids support our assembly lines incorporating step-by-step instructions on overhead monitors. Allowing our team to build complex assemblies with numerous variations and minor deviations.

We can incorporate quality testing on parts, sub-assemblies, and finished goods to ensure product tolerances and performance standards meet your specifications.

Our customized and proprietary assembly lines include final pack and ship for dock-to-stock or direct to end-user.


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