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Engineering for a Whole New Day

in Transportation

With the intense focus on driving greater fuel efficiency, reducing vehicle weight, alternative materials have become a frequent exploration by engineers. With all the new power sources, electrical conductivity and heat transfer, there's a lot to consider.

Engineers are increasingly turning to aluminum extrusions to improve fuel economy and enhance performance. In fact, according to Ducker Worldwide, North American car manufacturers plan to increase their use of aluminum in cars and light trucks by more than 40% over the next ten years. Furthermore, aluminum's dimensional strength can increase load-carrying capacity of autos, buses, trucks, trailers, and rail cars.

Uniquely Positioned to Support Rapid and Dynamic Changes in Transportation

Momentum has worked with OEM's and Tier suppliers through our nearly 40-year history. Our knowledge of metallurgy and lean manufacturing have made us a valuable partner. The addition of aluminum extrusion with the acquisition of Vitex Extrusion in 2019 provides added expertise to our engineering, fabricationprecision machining, finishing, and value-added assembly capabilities. 

With 8 locations and over 550,000+ sq. ft. of manufacturing space, we can be a hub in your supply chain to the world. So if you need support with a new product or supply chain partner to accelerate the momentum you've already built.

We can help: 

  • Fine-tune designs to achieve optimal cost and performance requirements

  • Select the best alloy and temper to meet all requirements

  • Determine the most cost-effective fabrication techniques and tolerance requirements

  • Decrease costs thru efficient single-source design assistance, manufacturing, fabrication, machining and assembly.

  • Reduce their overhead with custom assembly, and supply programs


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